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Artificial Intelligence
CompanyProduct DescriptionIssueImage Get All
Blue PrismBlue Prism Unleashes Full Potential of Digital Workforces Powered by AI May 2018
Business Intelligence
CompanyProduct DescriptionIssueImage Get All
AerospikeAnalytic Forward May 2018
CartoAnalytic Forward May 2018
DatawatchAnalytic Forward May 2018
GoodDataAnalytic Forward May 2018
InforAnalytic Forward May 2018
MicroStrategy, Inc.Analytic Forward May 2018
OracleAnalytic Forward May 2018
QlikAnalytic Forward May 2018
SAPAnalytic Forward May 2018
SASAnalytic Forward May 2018
Tableau SoftwareAnalytic Forward May 2018
YellowfinAnalytic Forward May 2018
Business/IT Service Management
CompanyProduct DescriptionIssueImage Get All
G2 CrowdG2 Crowd Begins Releasing Grid and Index Quarterly May 2018
KaseyaNew Kaseya Microsoft Office 365 Backup Solution for Modern MSPs May 2018
Customer Relationship Management
CompanyProduct DescriptionIssueImage Get All
Accelo, IncIntelligent Systems May 2018
Bullhorn, Inc.Intelligent Systems May 2018
GenesysIntelligent Systems May 2018
IFSIntelligent Systems May 2018
InforIntelligent Systems May 2018
Pegasystems Inc.Intelligent Systems May 2018
PROS, Inc.Intelligent Systems May 2018, inc.Intelligent Systems May 2018
SwiftpageSMBs Win Big with New Act! Premium Plus May 2018
SwiftpageIntelligent Systems May 2018
Database/Data Management
CompanyProduct DescriptionIssueImage Get All
Barefoot NetworksBarefoot Networks and Netronome Deliver Data Center Visibility May 2018
Druva, Inc.Druva Cloud Platform Unifies Data Management Across Clouds May 2018